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 We need 100 Centurions

William Wilberforce was able to change the world because he was surrounded by men and women who shared his vision, prayed with him and supported his work consistently and financially. Please, we need you to do that for us. 

We have a supporter group called the Centurions, we would like to invite you to join it. We are setting ourselves a target of raising 100 Centurions by the end of August. 


A Centurion commits to regularly invest $100 or £100 every month in the Wilberforce Alliance - in doing so you will become one of our founding supporters, and you will have helped us take this important work onto the next level.

As a Centurion you will be invited to exclusive gatherings and special events - and you will have the joy of knowing that you are sharing significantly in the early years of our mission.

If you become a Centurion by the end of August, it would be our pleasure to send you either of the following framed pictures.


A 21" x 17" (54cm x 44cm) and is a high quality reproduction of a Royal Mail 2007 commemorative stamp, celebrating the bicentenary of Wilberforce's abolition of the Slave Trade Act.


A 16" x 16" (42cm x 42cm) and is a high quality reproduction of all six of the commemorative stamps from 2007 - depicting the 

Clapham Saints that supported

William Wilberforce.

There are other ways you can stand with us - if you'd like to know more please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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